Fugoo Tough & Tough XL

Fugoo Tough & Tough XL


Chasing the horizon. Reaching the summit. Roaming the wild. Barriers are meant to be broken, but your Bluetooth speaker is not. Now go conquer your Everest.



UGOO Tough Jacket is for those of you who never quit. The climber who pushes the limits, who sees no peak as too high. The best rugged Bluetooth speaker on the market, FUGOO Tough will be there when you fall again… and it too will hang on and keep going. Ever-tough. Ever-resilient. No matter what comes.

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Tough XL

FUGOO Tough XL is the ultimate durable wireless speaker. Bigger, badder and louder than ever, the virtually indestructible speaker has an Optional Hand Strap to keep your audio close by. Add on the Bluetooth Speaker Strap Mount, and you can secure your tunes to mountain bikes, trees or anything the wilderness provides.

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