Wherever you dare to go, now your music can be as loud as your adventures.

The Fugoo Bluetooth wireless speaker combines innovative product features – such as the highest levels of audio fidelity, durability, portability, and personalized style – to create a portable speaker that is perfectly suited for an active lifestyle.

Finally, there is a speaker that can go anywhere you go – mountain biking, snowboarding, by the pool, a dusty job site, or a rainy campground.

Created by award-winning technology leaders, FUGOO brings numerous best-in-class features together to deliver the highest levels of audio fidelity, durability, portability and personalized style.

Drawing upon the past 30 years of industry experience, Fugoo has designed superior products for some of the biggest companies in the world. Throughout this process the Fugoo mission has been enduring and simple – to bridge the gap between impeccable craftsmanship and premium design. After years of creating products for other companies, Fugoo is now emerging from behind the scenes to present its first product for the consumer market – the Fugoo Bluetooth wireless speaker.


Shock Proof
Snow Proof
Water Proof
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